LILAMAND 1866 -2016



It seems unreal, as if time had frozen in this candied fruit workshop, where gestures are tirelessly repeated to replicate the exact tempo of our ancestors, respecting the seasons, waiting for the perfect ripeness of these sun-kissed fruits, where the melons are peeled by hand, like a sculpture, with the same gestures and probably the same smoothness as Marius, the first of the Lilamand family to have settled in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence.

Here the famous, “Rosés de Provence'' apricots, so temperamental but so perfect for confectionary, are treated as kings in the expert hands of master confectioners trained by their predecessors, keeping alive our rigorous doctrine where only time and work well done prevail over economic constraints.

“This is how you obtain excellence, the only reason to do this profession”

I will never forget those words from my father.


That is my state of mind and why I launched myself in this wonderful job, representing no less than the fifth generation of Lilamand.

it was obvious, and how not to feel pleasure when you are producing joy, happiness and sweet pleasures, while respecting your elders and your traditions, in short, respecting who you are. Thanks to this legacy we were able to open new horizons,  combining confectionery and fruits in a new way! We created a Calisson workshop, another iconic Provencal candy. So often mistreated, we have been able to reconcile real sweet lovers with this diamond shaped candy, making it the Lilamand way. We are even planting almond trees to make sure our almonds are the best, to make our Calisson  exceptional.

We  opened this new path for our team and our family where the speed of passing time is assumed, fast and relentless. We will tirelessly continue forging our history, combining our roots and Justin's confectionary specialties where nobody expects us.

We genuinely hope that Marius, Justin and Georges are proud of our achievement. As for Robert, my father, I'm sure he is, he told me so!