Cristal box 48 Mini-Ginger Calissons

48 Mini Calissons Ginger in cristal box - 21€

The traditional Calisson d'Aix en Provence, rethinking by Lilamand. The Ginger Mini-Calisson, respect the genuine recipe by mixing the crushed almond with candied ginger. In Mini format they are perfect to peck or to with your cafe.
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€ 75 / Kg

To enjoy the most of our Mini Calissons Ginger, we recommend you keep them in a cool, dry place at room temperature, between 10 ° and 20 °.

INGREDIENTS : almonds, candied ginger and melon (fruit, sugar , glucose syrup Conservative . E200 May contain sulphites. ) , Dried egg white, wafer ( potato starch , sunflower oil ) .

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The perfect match between two exceptional products: candied fruit, our specialty since 5 generations, and almonds selected from the best Southern French orchards become this iconic candy from Provence - the real Lilamand calisson, obviously! An unspoiled quality that enhances flavors and provides an exceptional taste and mouthfeel.